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Joint Certificate in Business Intelligence and Data Mining provided by SAS

The MSc Program in cooperation with SAS offers a Joint Certificate in Business Intelligence and Data Mining, which aims to train students in order to:

1) Gain access to data sources, manage data, and perform statistical analysis with the SAS Enterprise Guide

2) Investigate enormous amounts of data to find templates, trends and clusters and generate relevant reports using SAS Visual Analytics and

3) Apply prediction and discovery modeling techniques for important business problems using SAS Enterprise Miner.

The program includes both theoretical training through four selected courses of the MSc and practical training on the SAS platform. As part of the requirements of the certificate, students complete an assessment (Milestone Project) using realistic data of sufficient size, thus acquiring practical experience on how to analyze and exploit the SAS platform. Students also could perform internship on Business Analytics in collaborating companies.

Professional Certification in Project Management

The Project and Program Management course analyses the framework for successful Project Management in any type of sector and is aligned with the Project Management Institute (PMI) Framework. In particular the course prepares the students for one of the most popular PMP (Project Management Professional) certifications and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). It also follows the ISO 21500 (Guidance on Project Management) standard. In this way, postgraduate students that successfully attend the course will be able to take part in examinations for PMP & CAPM certifications (if they choose to) and will also be able to support ISO21500 certification in enterprises.

Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Master's program emphasizes on innovation and entrepreneurship and supports students in the development and implementation of their innovative ideas, in cooperation with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (ACEin) of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB). Initiatives include:

• Experimental Business Idea Development Workshop that includes product development, market entry, organization & staffing, finance.

• Virtual Business Development and Management workshops where competitive student groups make business decisions in a real-life business simulation game.

• Specific courses (Innovation & Entrepreneurship, e-Business, etc.) where students develop sustainable and innovative business models, business plans for new companies etc.

Digital Marketing in T ourism by Google

Selected students from the Masters program participate in the "Digital Marketing in Tourism" course which is offered in collaboration with Google. As part of the course students use a variety of digital platforms and tools (adwords, analytics, programmatic) in developing the services in the tourism sector.

SAP University Alliances - University Competence Center

The MSc program, by participating in the SAP University Alliances / University Competence Center (SAP UA / UCC) program, offers to the students the opportunity to acquire SAP end-user skills. Through a practical hands-on approach, students acquire basic skills in using the main functions and subsystems of the SAP ERP system. In particular, they understand how key business processes interact with SAP ERP in functional areas such as Sales & Distribution (SD), Material Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), Financial Accounting (FI), Human Resource Management (HCM). Students attending the program have the ability to extend their SAP end-user knowledge and skills by leveraging access to training programs that prepare them for the SAP end user certification (TERP) by SAP SE. They also have the opportunity to do internship in an SAP environment in cooperation with SAP Hellas (Limited number of internship jobs).

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