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MSc Program Curriculum

The MSc program consists of two educational components in two consecutive semesters: infrastructure education (50%) and the core fields in Management Science and Technology (50%). Finally, the program is complemented by a third semester of writing the Masters thesis with the supervision of a professor or a field study project in a company/organization.


The first part on infrastructure knowledge is structured around two axes:


1.    The basic theoretical knowledge of infrastructure for a postgraduate program in Management Science and Technology that consist of the following compulsory full-unit courses:

       Management and Organizations Theories

       Managerial Decisions

       Management of Information Systems


2.    The supplementary basic knowledge required in relation to the undergraduate studies of the students. For example, a Technical University candidate should follow a course on microeconomics. The students choose six courses from the following half-unit courses:


       Organizational Behavior

       Software Systems

       Statistics for Decision Making

       Production and Operations Management

       Investment and Corporate Finance

       Logistics Management


The second part/semester of the program is structured around the four broadest scientific areas supported by the Department of Management Science and Technology:


1.    Quantitative Methods, Operational Research and Analytics, with the courses:

-          Advanced Topics in Management Science and Technology

-          Combinatorial Optimization Techniques

-          Financial Engineering

-          Data Management

-          Business Analytics Techniques


2.    Digital Technologies Management and e-Business, with the courses:

-          E-commerce

-          Digital Marketing

-          Industrial Systems in the Digital Era

-          Mobile Applications and Analysis of Social Media Networks

-          Customer-oriented Information Systems

-          Digital Entrepreneurship and Marketing in Tourism

-          Cloud-based and Distributed Information Systems

-          Digital Currencies and Digital Payment Systems


3.    Organizational Studies, Innovation and Business Strategy, with the courses:

-          Entrepreneurship and Innovation

-          Business Strategy

-          Knowledge, Learning and Innovative Networks Management

-          Developing Skills for Management and Innovation

-          Human Resources Management

-          Total Quality Management

-          Project and Program Management


4.    Supply Chain and Transportation Management, with the courses:

-          Management of Transport Systems

-          Analysis and Planning of Distribution Systems

-          Warehouse Management

-          Management of Retail Systems


In most courses, there are specialized practical workshops where students familiarize themselves with the well-known systems and tools. Also, students participate in group assessments and projects and examine through case studies. The students choose ten of the above listed half-unit courses.


During the third semester, students alongside the elaboration of their diploma thesis or filed-study project, follow the Research Methodology Seminar that helps them to perform the dissertation properly and prepare them for the PhD thesis if they wish to continue.

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